3D Printed

Front Grill

3D Printed Read Port

3D Printed Stand

CNC Milled Ebony Wood

Seamless lines between CNC routed wood and 3D printed Port

Elegant and Timeless 3D printed Front Grill and Rear Port Grill Design.

Precision CNC routed cuts create a very unified design with minimal clearances. to further push that seamless aesthetic.

Rear Port design allows optimal airflow through the speaker, allowing the drivers to breathe and respond the most efficiently

CNC routed section for a seamless power cable connection. 

Perfectly balanced and engineered stand. Completely 3D printed


Simple appearance yet a very complex manufacturing process, under the skin.


Each piece of wood is braced to the next using finger joins, as the wood (HDF) is CNC milled the joins need to be "dog-bone" joins.


This manufacturing technique is not only efficient in price. But also incredibly strong yet easy to assemble, as each piece of wood can be "press fit" into the next.


This technique creates a very rigid structure under the skin of the speaker, which in turn allows all 3 drivers to create a powerful yet elegant sound.


Technical Specifications



Fiberglass Midrange and Woofer

Dome Tweeter

3D Printed Grills front and rear

3D printed structural elements

CNC milled frame

Elegant and Timeless design


Driver Units

1x 8inch 22cm Bass Woofer

1x 5inch 12.7cm Midrange Woofer

1x 1inch 25mm Soft-dome Tweeter

Frequency Range

40Hz to 20kHz



88 dB



3 Way Ported Box

Normal Impedance

4 Ohms

Amplifier Power Output

1x 100W Class D


Audio Inputs

Bluetooth 4.0


3 way 375Hz to 3kHz