Braced Full Range Drivers

Creating a Rigid Structure

3D Printed Frame

3D Printed Grill, designed to be as acoustically transparent as possible

Bluetooth, 50 Watt amp

360 Degree horn inspired bottom section

Downward Firing Bass Driver


The Name Sunflowers is derived from the stunning painting from Vincent Van Gogh. 



The embed Sunflower on the back of the 3D printed top section hints at that.


CAD Screen Shots of the horn inspired bottom section with the model cut in half.


Shows how the bass driver pushes the air up from the back of the driver, out the sides and then down. In turn, creating a 360 Degree horn effect.



As the entire speaker was 3D printed this gave me more control over how and where to send the air coming off the back of the bass driver.


This Cross-section shows how the downward-firing bass driver sits within the structure and is held in place. It also portrays clearly the movement of the air. As the air flows off the back of the driver, it goes up to the top of the structure where it becomes compressed. Next, the air flows down the side of the speaker where it is released. Creating a horn effect.

_DSC0125 2.JPG

Technical Specifications


Completely 3D printed Structure

360 Degree horn inspired bottom section

Two braced full-range drivers

Near 360 degrees sound stage 

Down-firing bass driver

Elegant top section grill design

Innovative manufacturing techniques 


Driver Units

2x 3.5 inches 88mm full range drivers

1x 6inch 150mm bass driver


Normal Impedance

6 Ohms



50 Watts Class D 



Audio Inputs

Bluetooth 4.0



open baffled two full-range drivers

one downward-firing woofer with a 360 degree inspired "horn".






 200mm (at widest)



1.6 Kg