Ported Midrange/Woofer Design

Form and Shape of Midrange/WooferCabinet was inspired by two ideas,

The First being, a tapered in or turbine shaped cabinet, to diminish the resonance of the driver unit.

The Second being, an expansion chamber form, this was to increase the "back pressure" off the driver unit.

To explain this idea further.

The air flows back from the driver unit when reproducing music, along the sides and is tapered in, to diminish the resonance inside the cabinet.

The air also flows along the top and bottom of the cabinet and then is reflected back toward the driver unit from the con-caved section. Creating a spring inside the cabinet due to the back pressure wave, Similar to an expansion chamber of a motorcycle. Theoretically increasing the frequency response.

Tweeter section inspired by the ring radiator, wave guide or dome design found in many tweeters.

Completely de coupled from front panel of speaker, achieved by using minimal amount of 3D printed material as possible, less than 1mm circumference structure.

3D printed to optimise frequency response and dispersion.


Technical Specifications

Driver Units

1x 150mm woofer

1x 26mm Dome Tweeter

Normal Impedance



2,500 Hz 


100Watts Class D

Audio Inputs

4.0 Bluetooth


Open Baffled Tweeter

Ported Midrange





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