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Case study: NOMON

Gnomon, noun: the projecting piece on a sundial 

that shows the time by the position of its shadow.

My Role

My role in my UX case study was to design and develop this watch collecting application, including research, ideation, wire framing, prototyping, and user testing. You will also see how I addressed various design challenges and implemented solutions that ultimately enhance the user experience. All while attempting to capture the emotional aspects behind watch collecting. 


Research Summary

Firstly, I conducted secondary research around the idea of collecting, why humans collect and the psychology behind collecting. These are some core aspects of collections and collectors. 

  • Collecting begins at an early age.

  • Connecting memories to a particular piece.

  •  Collectors enjoy sharing knowledge to build connections with others.

  • Collecting evokes nostalgia and memories, driving the emotional aspect of the hobby.

  • 40% of the global population collects, indicating a substantial demographic.


This research further developed my hypothesis for the application while also grounding some fundamental ideas, such as the idea of memories and nostalgia in a collection. 


If you wish to see my  secondary research paper download the PDF below. 

Secondary Research 

1 MB

File Name




Interview Transcript 1 - 3

Interview transcript of the notes take in interview 1, 2 and 3


Interview Transcript 4 - 5

Interview transcript of the notes take in interview 4 and 5


User Interviews Research

After the secondary research surrounding the psychology of collecting, I looked into Primary User Research and the first step was to gain some qualitative data through user interviews.

This qualitative data gained through user interviews cemented the hypothesis that this watch collecting application should focus on the history and the provenance of each watch and be a tool to capture the history to pass along to new collectors. 

firstly I screened 20 potential interviewees through private social media pages. From there I interviewed 5 out of the 20 for this primary user research.  

  • The history of the watch is a significant aspect of collecting, encompassing both technological advancements and personal stories. 

  • Another Key point revealed in user interviewing was the importance of understanding where the watch came from, if purchasing from a seller or second hand

  • Watch collecting often begins in childhood, as a result of a family member's passion for watches. Many items in a collection have a direct connection to a grandparent or parent, either as an heirloom or through a shared interest in a particular brand or model.

  • Interestingly social connections or a sort of forum in this application is not needed, as majority of their social connections are done through private Facebook pages.

Please investigate my user interview files below, including transcripts, interview questions and screeners. 

Empathy Maps


Main Tools Used Throughout This Project

With the watch collecting application NOMON introduction over, I am excited to present this project, I'm confident it demonstrates my skills and passion for UX design.

Let me take you through my process.