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K50 K40 Side.png

Side View render of the K50 

Portraying the Side panel overlapping the Heat Sinks, in turn creating a very parametric design aesthetic, contrasting against the organic and natural look of the alternating slotted cutouts. 

By having an alternating cut out, this naturally diminishes the ringing from the chassis which is an essential aspect of product design for audio equipment.

Having a simple motif like this enables the ability to have a design which is unified over the product, this is an idea which isn't too common in the audio industry where form strongly and persistently follows function. But with this aesthetic look there is a strong middle ground from a practical and efficient function which doesn't follow instead travels parallel with the organic and futuristic overall design. 


Button Design Inspired by Dieter Rams to connected and tie together the simple front panel to an ergonomic and tactile Power button. Spring loaded button enhances the tactile and ergonomic feel.

The slotted alternating grooved design was inspired by the parametric and very organic work of Zaha Hadid, while taming and bringing back the design to reality with Dieter Ram and his very practical design language.


Engraved Logo on top panel gives a sense of pride to the product, over a cheaper laser etch logo.

Front panel design carried over and simplified from the older Antipodes Audio products the CX and EX, this design choice was to visually related the older products to the new. At the same time simplify the front panel to give it a more timeless aesthetic. 

Locations of the cutouts along the top are directly related to the areas which need the most cooling and most efficient airflow.


Thick Aluminium chassis CNC manufactured with heavy weight to diminish resonance and vibrations within the case. 




The First Source of Inspiration was Dieter Rams, specifically the Radio RT 20. As seen on the Left.

The Second Source of Inspiration was Zaha Hadid and the 582 - 606 Collins Street building. As seen on the Right.

Drawing inspiration from both Dieter Rams and Zaha Hadid, allowed me to design these Antipodes Audio Products with a sense of minimalism and timelessness at a distance. While at a closure distance one can see the more organic and natural design approach.


K50 Initial concepts

K50 Sketches

More Information can be found on the Antipodes Audio Website and below