Canon is the 1st speaker I ever built.


The Speaker was built during my final year at University and the speaker is completely 3D printed, except of course the two full range drivers, the bass driver, the amplifier and crossover, and the cables.


The cabinet of the speaker is entirely 3D printed made from ABS plastic.


The Two full range drivers are on the front of the speaker with tapered cones flowing off the back which was inspired by the B&W Turbine these tapered cones are housed within the 3D printed cabinet.


The bass driver, on the other hand, is placed at the back of the speaker with a "Trumpet" or "Horn" design, flowing through the center of the speaker, this was designed to increase the volume of the lower end frequencies as the bass driver is of a smaller size.


The design aspect of the cabinet or shell of the speaker is very angular and strong. This was deliberately intended as during that time I needed a speaker that can take a hit and can handle being kicked during a party, won't get dented while you move houses, and won't chip when inevitably a beer bottle would be thrown on top.


The name Canon is not purely a visual name, as the speaker kind of resembles an old war cannon. but also the name resonances deeper than physical. The definition of canon is "A general law, rule, principle, or criterion by which something is judged". This speaker is the first one I properly built. The rules and principles I learned while crafting this speaker, are still the same criteria I use when going through the design process for any new product.