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I Graduated from Victoria University of Wellington in 2017 with a bachelors of Design Innovation in Industrial Design.

After University I Designed Kitchens for a few clients here in Wellington NZ, which was a great way to practically learn manufacturing techniques and real world applications.

I then designed and built a few smaller loud speakers focusing on additive manufacturing.

From there I joined Antipodes Audio in mid 2019 where I designed their new products and set a clear design language and direction for the brand.

Shortly after in mid 2020 I joined Well Tempered in Christchurch to design their new phone stage the Bills Phono. They were looking for a unique design while remaining with their other products. 

Then in early 2021 I took over the Industrial design for a new Auckland Based amplifier manufacturer Java HiFi, where I took the original design and made it more brand fitting and more manufacturable with 3rd party companies. 

In Mid to late 2021 I designed the Turntable weights for Stone Audio, while also gaining a relationship with a 3rd party manufacturer overseas.

Overall, I have 3 years experience in industrial design with a range of different brands, focusing on different elements from forming a new and distinct design language which can be carried forward. To developing products that are easier and more efficiently manufactured and produced.  In this time I've worked along side international and domestic suppliers and manufacturers to find new and innovative manufacturing techniques. Also to find new solutions for existing problems with traditional manufacturing and assembly techniques. While designing and developing products for brands there have been an ample amount of unique challenges from the overall design to the assembly, where creative approaches to problems are needed to solve existing issues. 

Currently Based in Wellington, New Zealand and Industrial Designer for both Antipodes Audio and Java HiFi. 

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