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Antipodes Audio

Antipodes Audio, a High end manufacturer of music servers for the HiFi industry.

The design language I wanted to develop was elegant and understated, yet it showed a clear design progression from the older products.



K Series

S Series

Well Tempered

Designed for a New Zealand company focusing in Turntables and phono stages.

Stone Audio

Stone Audio LP weights.

For Stone Audio we wanted to design a LP weight that mirrored the sound of a record, So we designed very organic and very polished forms to visually replicate the sound of a record. 


Organic and Natural form, the flowing and emotive curves of the LP weight were created to mimic and enhance the human sound of a record.


Simple and Clean design, a smaller and cheaper product aimed at more entry level turntables. 


3D printed desktop sized speaker, designed with parametric design processes and manufactured with DLP Printing.


A small desktop speaker system, 3 way design, utilizing modern 3D printing materials and manufacturing processes. 

Java HiFi

Java HiFi a new Amplifier manufacturer based in Auckland NZ.

A mid centre modern inspired product with new and innovative design practises and manufacturing techniques.


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